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Luxero Jeans (LJ) is all about luxury custom-made denim wear.

In today’s fast-fashion era, finding the right pair of denim is a herculean task.  Jeans are a classic garment and we make it our top priority to create a pair that can take you from casual to grandeur, with great effect, and without great effort. We are dedicated to bringing affordable luxury to your doorstep.


What sets luxury denim apart from the mass market goes back to how it’s made. From how raw materials are sourced to where they are milled, dyed, and crafted to the painstaking details of tailoring, composition, and durability.



LJ Bespoke is the epitome of luxury. Here, exclusivity and customization have no end. Your creative bend of mind and clarity of thoughts drive the whole lifecycle of the product. Through scrupulous research and experimentation, our band of connoisseurs is taking denim to a whole new level, whether it is getting your name etched, adding crystals, or just getting the right fit.

Each garment is unique in its way and above all, it’s meant for “Only You”.


Quality denim is a passion and a timeless possession like cars, real estate, art, or wines. If you’re the type of person who’d rather own a well-curated closet of relevant, durable classics than try to keep up with the never-ending barrage of must-haves, luxury bespoke denim is not to miss.

  • What are the customisation options Luxero Jeans offer?
    Monograms, thread choices, pocket choices, buttons & rivets, fabric options, belt loops, personalised embroidery etc & etc. you envisage and we execute.
  • Where do Luxero jeans source the raw material?
    We carefully curate our fabric collection from the various mills in the world. Primarily we source our fabric from India, Italy, Japan, Spain. Our trims are sourced from India and Germany.
  • Can I get Selvedge denim at Luxero Jeans?
    Yes, we do selvedge denim. Both Raw & washed
  • How do I wash my jeans?
    Hand wash in cold water and hang dry is the best. Never put jeans in the dryer
  • Will my jeans lose colour over the period?
    Water & heat are the worst enemies of any denim product. Denim is very rugged garments; they need not be washed very frequently. All denim keep losing slight colour over a period. This is called “fading,”
  • What is the price for bespoke jeans?
    We have a wide range of products and price is indicative and usually is derived. Bespoke Jeans/dungaree/pants/performance wear- 9000 onward Bespoke Denim Shirts- 4000 onward Bespoke Denim Jackets- 9500 onward Bespoke Denim Blazer- 18000 onward Bespoke denim suit- 21000 onward
  • What do Bespoke means?
    “Bespoke” is an old English term referring to an item of clothing or service made to a certain individual’s specifications. At Luxero Jeans we thrive to create and deliver high-end bespoke denim clothing with a luxurious experience. Furthermore, LJ products are created in sync with your preferred style, fit, design, fabrics, trims & personalization. We provide an exclusive product just for you.
  • Why your denim is expensive
    There are very high input costs in creating a premium handcrafted bespoke jean. Here we are talking about pattern making, sewing by a highly skilled tailor, wet & dry washing processes done on one denim at a time. Fabrics, threads and other trims too are curated and procured from the best of the channels. Bespoke in itself is a luxury, we are working hard towards making it affordable.
  • How can I order?
    Feel free to contact us: Customer care +91 85270 88678. We will contact you to book your appointment.
  • What is the return policy?
    Though we work persistently towards the best customer experience, yet, if you are not satisfied, we accept returns with feedback within 7 days of delivery.
  • How long does it take to order a custom pair of jeans?
    We strive to ensure that you shall get the denim in 2 weeks*
  • Why can't my regular tailor-make custom denim
    There is a vast difference between jeans made by tailors or by seasoned denim specialist. The sewing & washing requires various assortment of heavy machinery to make a pair of denim. Tailors usually deal in very fine, high-end light to medium weight fabrics. Also, the process & guidelines in denim making are significantly different from trouser making. Denim is a highly engineered product & to map shrinkage under various temperatures is a daunting challenge, hence bespoke jeans is a complex garment to manufacture.
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